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Ask Alice: Are Vinyl Tiles Suitable for My Bathroom?

6 Simple Tips for Creating Your Perfect Bathroom with Harvey Maria

Bathrooms are notoriously tricky spaces to design. They’ve got to withstand splish-splashy bathtimes and shampoo spillages, as well as being safe, hygienic, and easy to look after. Not too difficult, one might think, but attempting to incorporate any kind of design scheme on top of this is a task to stump even the savviest of stylists.

Thankfully, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are both slip-resistant and incredibly practical, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms, and our gorgeous range of premium and designer flooring collections mean that you’ll never have to compromise on style. Illustrated with real-life spaces from our customer gallery, here are my top tips for making your bathroom perfect with a Harvey Maria floor.

Create mood with colour

Sarah’s serene bathroom with Cath Kidston Spot Blue and subtle matching accessories

When developing your bathroom’s colour palette, you should first consider the mood you’d like to create. Dreaming of a serene, calming environment for the perfect bubble bath? Look at using soft hues and watery blues for a space that’s totally relaxing. Or perhaps you’d like your bathroom to be vibrant and energising to banish the Monday morning blues? Try bright colours and acidic tones for an invigorating space that bursts with personality.

And it’s often the smallest of details that can make or break an entire colour scheme- not just the walls and floor! A simple white suite could be warm-toned or cool-toned, bright or creamy, with a whole rainbow of hues – all of which will contribute to the overall palette of your bathroom. Our floors can be extremely versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations and tones to see what works best for your space.


Anneli’s energising bathroom with Neisha Crosland Parquet Charcoal and an accent of yellow

Play with pattern

sonte-spot-bathroomTerry’s light and bright bathroom with a subtle patterned floor in Cath Kidston Spot Stone

It’s often the smallest room you’ll encounter when designing your home, so the thought of using pattern in the bathroom can be a scary one. It may seem daunting at first, but to shy away completely could stop your space from shining to its full potential. Thoughtful use of a pattern you love is the simplest way to inject your bathroom with personal style, for a stunning sanctuary that’s truly yours!

If you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst into a world of daring prints and vivid motifs, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to incorporate pattern without going overboard. Start with smaller scale options such as Spot by Cath Kidston, or try bold designs in lighter shades for a more subtle touch. A patterned floor is a wonderful way to add depth and texture to your space, whilst walls in complementary block colours bring softness to the look. And let’s not forget the added benefit of patterned floors hiding a multitude of cleaning sins, so a beautifully sparkling bathroom is oh-so-easy to maintain!

Black and white stylish vinyl bathroom floor

Josh & Kate show that bold looks brilliant in small spaces with their Neisha Crosland Parquet washrooms

Go au naturel

bathroom-wood-planksKaren’s Rustic Lunar floor adds stunning depth to her minimalist bathroom

Smooth wood grain and rustic stone floors look stunning in any bathroom space. Their soft, neutral tones coordinate beautifully with a delicate colour palette, but are also an ideal carrier for more striking shades and bold pattern choices.

From the outlook, they seem like a fantastic option- but natural materials are most certainly not without their drawbacks. Cold, hard, and extremely smooth, stone and concrete floors are a recipe for disaster in a space where spills and splashes are inevitable – not to mention a potential safety hazard. And real wood floors aren’t much better, swelling up when they become wet with a tendency to warp over time. Thankfully, Vinyl Flooring Tiles have none of these drawbacks, but look and feel totally authentic, making them the perfect choice for a beautiful bathroom that’s practical too. Try our Premium Wood collection for a classic look, or complement a designer tile with a wood effect border for a modern twist.

Shower room with wood vinyl floor

David’s soft neutral bathroom with Rustic Tan flooring and accents of gold

Shake things up

Blue spot vinyl bathroom floor

Joanna’s soothing bathroom with Cath Kidston Spot Blue and trunk-style seat for comfort & storage

Bath. Shower. Sink. Toilet. Maybe even a bidet if you’re really pushing the boat out. Whatever look you’ve chosen for your bathroom, it’s safe to say that its general components probably haven’t been too difficult to decide on.

It might be a little unorthodox, but a choice piece of furniture normally reserved for the bedroom or living room can create a comforting feel in a space that is often cold or impersonal. A well-placed chair is useful for keeping dry towels off a soggy floor, whilst creating a powder room feel for a touch of spa-like luxury. Choose a coordinating dresser unit for the perfect fusion of function and style, conveniently providing the much-needed storage space often lacking in modern bathrooms. There’s a formula that we’ve pretty much come to expect from the design of a standard practical bathroom, and that’s fine- if that’s all you want. If you’re looking to create something a little bit special, though, it might be time to forget those rules and start viewing your space with some fresh perspective.

Rose Sprig Vinyl Tiles in a BathroomHelen’s vintage-style bathroom with Cath Kidston Rose Sprig and dark wood dresser

Create space & de-clutter

Black and white checkerboard bathroom

Sharon’s minimalist monochrome bathroom with a Jet Black & Latte White chequerboard floor

From modern and minimalist to visual and bohemian, decluttering and creating space is a key factor in maintaining a beautiful bathroom – whatever your style! Whilst minimalist spaces rely on clean lines and clear surfaces, even the most eclectic space could take a leaf out of their book. The aim is to draw focus to the design of your bathroom, showing off only what you want to be seen for a stylish space that’s practical too. Healthy for the mind (and the cleaning rota!), making the distinction between unnecessary clutter and items that add value (style, practical or otherwise) is an essential step for creating a well-thought out space.

When choosing your bathroom fixtures, keeping as much floor space clear as possible is a brilliant way to create the illusion of space – something which, in what is often the smallest room of the home, is a real luxury. Choose a footed, freestanding bath for a striking focal point that will raise the tub off the ground, whilst adding depth, shape and texture for a beautiful space that’s full of character.


This stunning country-vintage Cath Kidston Rose Sprig bathroom has character without feeling cluttered

Consider your lighting

Stylish bathroom floor

Paula’s cool-toned Parquet Stone bathroom filled with flattering natural light and candles for ambience

In an ideal world, we’d all be kicking back in gigantic bathrooms with beautifully bright windows that fill the space with a constant stream of natural light. In reality, we might just find that we’re a little more restricted – but that doesn’t mean we should give up our dreams of the perfectly lit space completely. Though many modern bathrooms can be small with tiny windows (if any at all!), incorporating plenty of light sources into your design scheme will make a world of difference.

The soft tones of natural light can be difficult to mimic, but adding depth with a variety of different lighting levels can help to create a similar effect. A flattering main source is a good starting point, but try complementing this with lower task lighting around the bath/shower and mirrors, finishing with indulgent candles for accents of ambience – the perfect mood-setter for a relaxing soak. Well considered lighting will lift your space, accentuating your floor and adding a touch of sparkle to your entire design scheme.


Rick’s luxuriously lit bathroom with Neisha Crosland Parquet Charcoal

For more tips on creating your perfect bathroom, check out our bathroom flooring ideas page!

If you’d like to send in pictures of your Harvey Maria floor to add to our Customer Gallery, just e-mail them to – we’re so inspired by your ideas, and you could even win M&S vouchers worth up to £50!


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