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How To: Create the perfect contemporary country kitchen

The heart of the home, our kitchens act as a jack-of-all-trades, playing host to everything from weeknight suppers and homework, to dinner parties and date nights. With this in mind, we’re showing you how to create the ultimate kitchen space that combines the charm of traditional style with the attitude and functionality of a 21st Century space. Read on to see how you can create the perfect backdrop for cooking, dining and entertaining.


The Classic ‘Shaker’ Kitchen

A kitchen style that has stood the test of time, Shaker is a term that you’ll often hear associated with the typical country home. Made distinctive by freestanding furniture, open shelving and wood, wood and more wood, the Shaker kitchen combines elements of rustic handicraft with panelled cabinetry to create a homely and characterful space. Updated for the modern country home, this look works just as well in more contemporary interiors. This Arts and Crafts kitchen from Devol is the perfect example, combining elements of shaker seen in the open shelving, honey-coloured woodwork, and classic framed cabinetry, but brought right up to date with dark painted units. Subtle touches of polished brass picked up in the traditional cup handles and sink taps add an element of luxury, whilst the rustic table and bench offers a sociable area for dining and entertaining. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large kitchen, a central island is a must, but if not, then opt for a compact butcher’s block to add a touch of shaker to your space.

05_DHL_Pebble copy


An important consideration for any kitchen is the flooring. Required to withstand the day-to-day footfall of busy family life (and the spills that come with it), the underfoot surface needs to be robust and easy to clean. Vinyl tiles tick both boxes, whilst also coming in a range of patterns, colours and on-trend designs. Our Dee Hardwicke Lattice luxury vinyl floor tile is the perfect modern take on a classic floor pattern, and its practical qualities also ensure that it works hard for the 21st century family kitchen space. The striking floral silhouette comes in a range of both bold and muted colours, all of which will create a country kitchen that meets the mark on both style and practicality.

Gemini Reflections Graphite A

Wall Tiles

Whether you’re after a clean minimal look, or a colourful kitchen space, wall tiles are an important element in showing off your own interior style. From creating a simple border or a feature splashback to sit behind your stove, wall tiles are perfect for adding character into your cooking space. Choose from simple ceramic designs, patterned porcelain or an on-trend metro design; either way your choice of kitchen tiles will add a little personality to your kitchen scheme. Combining practicality with contemporary design, these Graphite tiles from Gemini’s Reflections range, showcase how easy it is to create a statement using these small ceramics!

Perrin Rowe Georgian-Hunting-Lodge-Humphrey-Munson-Low-Res-6 (1)

Small Appliances

Gone are the days when your tap was purely a practical appliance. In today’s modern kitchen, your tap adds another design dimension to your space. Whether its finished in aged brass or contemporary chrome, ensuring your kitchen has the perfect tap is key to creating the ultimate contemporary country kitchen. What’s more, small appliances, such as taps, have gone up in the interiors world and you can now get your hands on instant hot water taps or practical filtration taps to make life that little bit easier. These aged taps from Perrin & Rowe tick the box on style with their luxe brass finish, yet the shape is nothing but traditional.

Lundhs Royal S1150338


No kitchen is complete without the perfect work surface. Ensuring that yours is beautiful and yet hardwearing is vital when creating a kitchen space that steps up to those day-to-day cooking tasks. Whilst some kitchens favour a wooden worktop, these tend to mark, wear over time and can be subject to water damage. With its hardwearing properties, natural stone is the best way to go. Enter Lundhs Real Stone. Crafted by nature some 300 million years ago, Lundhs offers a range of stunning natural stone work surfaces crafted from one of the hardest natural materials.

At Home With: Love Chic Living

It’s January, and if you’re anything like us we thought you could do with a little inspiration to kick-start those home decorating jobs that are just waiting to be tackled. So, this month we’ve caught up with award-winning interiors blogger, vlogger and presenter, Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living to talk trends, design inspiration and how she injects personality and practicality into her home. Creating on-trend spaces that work for busy family living, Jen recently unveiled her new dining room and kitchen makeover featuring our Neisha Crosland ‘Check’ vinyl floor tiles!

Read on to get to know Jen a little better…

Tell us about the concept behind Love Chic Living – how did you get into blogging?

So I’d been blogging for a little while in a completely different niche and feeling very frustrated with it when I had a little brainstorming session with a lovely friend who’d been blogging for some time. I had always had a passion for interiors, and one day dreamed of opening an interiors store. With that a little way off, it seemed a natural step to start blogging about home interiors, but nothing high end, just beautifully stylish pieces, great design and cool home accessories for a family space.



What does a typical (or not so typical) week look like for you?

Oh wow, great question! I suppose there’s no typical week as there are always very different jobs to be done, but essentially, I do spend a lot of time at my laptop in my little office room. I work around my children so as soon as they’ve gone to school I get started, and I usually take a break when they come in. They’re older now so I do get another hour or so afterwards to continue working before making myself pack the laptop away. My time is divided between writing blog posts, styling and taking images, working through email and using social media to keep up to date with everyone.

Your home is beautiful and obviously reflects your love for design. What three interior must-haves can’t you live without?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. I think definitely candles, particularly scented ones, then plants, although this is quite a new addition for me, and then finally a decent throw. I’m a very tactile person and love texture and warmth in my home accessories.

We’ve been following your fab home makeover and love how you’ve used our Neisha Crosland ‘Check’ vinyl floor tiles in the dining room and kitchen. What was the inspiration behind the bold look?

From the moment I started on the makeovers I knew I wanted a bold statement. I played with the idea of wallpapering the ceilings but when I spotted the Check floor tiles online, I knew they were perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

HM Love Chic Living


Why did you opt for vinyl floor tiles in the makeover?

A few years ago, during a mini hall makeover I decided on some Harvey Maria wood-effect vinyl tiles for the floor after hearing how beautiful there were from a friend. Knowing how durable, easy to keep clean, and great they looked, I knew that vinyl tiles would be ideal in the kitchen/dining spaces.

What advice do you have for any budding home renovators who want to create a dramatic change in their interior on a budget and with minimal disturbance?

One of the biggest things you can do to ensure you get the look you want on the budget you have, is to do as much as possible yourself. I find once you start involving tradespeople, it’s very easy to be swayed by their opinions (not always stylish or trend-led ones at that!) and of course, labour can be very costly. The more DIY you can tackle, the better you’ll feel about the end result too, and you’ll have much better control over the mess!

At Harvey Maria, we believe that practical flooring doesn’t have to compromise on style. How do you create a home that caters to both family living and your love of interior design?

This has been hard to be honest, but the first thing to keep in mind is that your home doesn’t have to be boring just because you have children. Yes, certain elements will always need to be practical (think washable covers and wipeable surfaces) but kids love bright colours, they actually appreciate great design, and they’re happy to give you their opinion. So, involve them in the decisions, or at least give them guided choices and they are a great help at creating a space that works for every member of the family.



Where’s your favourite spot in the home?

Oh, this is my newly made over kitchen and dining space. Even though the Harvey Maria floor flows from once room to the other, they have quite a different vibe. The dining room space is a great hang out, relaxing and calming and practical too, whilst the kitchen has a much fiercer look, with a monochrome base and bright pops of yellow.

What are your favourite go-to homeware and lifestyles stores?

At the moment I’m loving Maisons du Monde for their varying ranges and contemporary pieces, plus H&M Home have a great selection of accessories for every room in the home.

What home trends do you see coming through for 2018? And which will you be snapping up?

Well, even though there’s been a mixed reaction to Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet we will probably be seeing a purple entering the popular jewelled colour palette. Feathers and rainbows seem to be finding their way from fashion into interiors too, and as colour blocking has been popular in fashion for a while, we’ll see it more and more in our home interiors too.

Thanks, Jen!

Jen Stanbrook is a multi-award winning interiors blogger, vlogger and presenter. Her blog, Love Chic Living is ranked as a top UK home and interiors blog and provides aspirational but achievable style for a family home. Freelance blogging has given Jen many exciting and fun opportunities including several European design tours, and last year, a move into Pinterest coaching and consultancy for brands and bloggers.


How To: Create the perfect boot room

The boot room, a barrier between the outside world and the interior of the home, this designated space has become a must-have for keeping shoes and outdoor gear neatly tucked out of sight. Providing much-needed storage, a place to remove muddy wellies and to contain even muddier dogs, this entrance room is not only hugely practical but can also provide a welcoming and stylish entryway for greeting guests. Whether you’re looking to transform a tired utility room, add a purpose-built extension to your open-plan kitchen or simply update a small area of your hallway, we’ve listed the key considerations for creating the ultimate boot room in your home.

02 Humphrey Munson Orchard-House-Luxury-Family-Kitchen-Essex-Humphrey-Munson-19

Fitted storage

No boot room is complete without beautifully fitted units. Allowing the freedom to choose the exact storage to suit your needs, custom furniture will fit even the most awkward of spaces. From coat racks and shelving, to purpose-built space for stowing away shoes and boots, this luxury addition may not come cheap but will certainly pay dividends when it comes to creating an organised and effortlessly chic boot room. These muted grey, shaker-style fitted units from Humphrey Munson certainly create an effortlessly sophisticated space with added wow-factor, whilst catering to all your storage needs.

03 Check In Flint B


One of the main considerations of any boot room is the flooring. Required to withstand the day-to-day footfall of busy family life, the surface needs to be robust and easy to clean. Vinyl tiles tick both boxes, whilst also coming in a range of patterns, colours and designs. At Harvey Maria, our Designer vinyl floor tiles make for the perfect practical floor covering. Choose the NEW Neisha Crosland Check tile for a modern take on classic encaustic tiles, or opt for Dee Hardwicke’s pretty Lattice design for a traditional looking, yet hardwearing finish.

04 Neptune Petherton Oval Basket

Small space accessories

If space is at a premium, you can still create a designated boot area by investing in a few simple but practical details. This concept lends itself to small nooks and entrance hallways, where banished coats, wet umbrellas and those cold-weather accessories such as hats and scarfs often take over. Neptune’s range of classic wicker storage baskets not only provide plentiful room for tidying away those entrance-way essentials, but they look super stylish, too.

05 the holding co

Add a bench

We’ve all been in that situation, where you’re hopping around in an effort to remove those muddy, post-dog-walk wellies. That’s where a storage bench comes in very handy. An essential part of any boot room, not only does this functional piece of furniture offer a space-saving spot to hide away those outdoor shoes (and everything else), it also provides a restful spot to remove them in style! This can be built into a fitted furniture unit, or for a more budget-friendly option, this Chedworth storage bench from The Holding Company works just as well!

At Home With: Old Fashioned Susie

This month we’ve caught up with the fabulous Old Fashioned Susie to give us the lowdown on her blogger life! A lover of all things vintage and an eye for detail, Susie also recently unveiled her new hallway featuring our Neisha Crosland vinyl Check tiles! Read on to get to know Susie a little better…

We love your blog, what inspired you to first start blogging?

When I first started my blog in 2010 it was a way of making connections with people. I’d just moved house and had a baby, so my life felt isolated at times. I wanted to connect with people with similar interests to me and in similar positions in their lives.

Describe your style in three words?

Eclectic but timeless.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Your home is beautiful, where do you look to for home inspiration?

I find home inspiration all over the place. Some of it is from films I love, some might be from stately homes I’ve visited or hotels.  I love going to my friends’ homes as they are great reflections of their personalities and often might’ve solved similar problems to my own with the house.

What is your favourite interiors trend at the moment and do you have any tips for how to use it in the home?

I still think plants are the biggest thing to happen to interiors since the seventies. People are really making space in their homes for plants and even designing their rooms around them. This is set to continue into 2018.


What’s your next interior project at home?

We are right in the middle of sorting our staircase out at the moment and it is one of the worst jobs we’ve done. It’s so fiddly and slow. Sanding, paint stripping and all that jazz. But hopefully it will look great and the Harvey Maria tiles will look even better next to it than they already do!

What interior item/items are currently at the very top of your wish list?

It’s more about re-modelling than actual objects/items for me at the moment. I’d love to sort our loft out and the space under the stairs!


What is your absolute favourite room in your home (and why)?

It’s my living room. I have my gorgeous green velvet corner sofa in there, lots of plants, beautiful light streaming through sliding doors onto the garden and it’s where I do most of my writing too.

What’s next for Old Fashioned Susie in 2018?

I’ve a few things up my sleeve, a couple of personal projects I want to share on the blog. More writing in other places too and of course lots more inspiration from my home!

harvey maria in hallway lvt

The Perfect Wood-Effect Floor

If you’d love a wooden floor in your home, but worry about heavy maintenance and water damage, Harvey Maria’s Premium Wood Vinyl Tile collection is for you. Launched as part of the brand’s Signature collection, it is composed of 10 distinctive wood effect designs including NEW Farmhouse Oak!

Developed to be indistinguishable from the real material, each design features authentic detailing with realistic knots and grains, boasting a durable and hardwearing finish! What’s more, all of Harvey Maria’s luxury vinyl tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating, so cold feet in the morning are a thing of the past!


From hallways to kitchens, vinyl offers a hugely practical and stylish flooring option for any room in the house. Unlike real wood flooring, wood-effect vinyl won’t warp or need regular treating, and is effortlessly easy to install, resulting in a resistant surface that is ideal for busy family life! Our Premium Wood range has been designed to look beautiful when covering a whole floor, or when combined with the patterned designer ranges in the Signature collection to form decorative “rugs”, borders and zones for a bespoke flooring look. What’s more, our wood-effect vinyl collection comes with an impressive 25-year warranty!

To celebrate Black Friday we’re also offering a huge discount on our NEW Farmhouse Oak vinyl floor tiles, now only £9.00!

Perfectly Practical Flooring

Create a space that is high on impact yet practical with our Rubber Stud tile collection, available in 10 colourways!

Stylish, yet boasting many practical elements, rubber flooring is the way to go if you’re after something hardwearing, easy to maintain and water resistant. Perfect for busy family spaces or commercial projects, our Rubber Stud tile flooring also comes with a 15 year guarantee.

Offset your Peppermint Cream floor tiles with a bold paint shade to add a stylish edge to the space. Style up your Ice Grey vinyl tiles with luxurious dark walls and accessories, such as Black or Dark Green, this will create texture to the space and allow the floor to become your statement. Alternatively, why not experiment with our Fossil Grey vinyl floor tiles and a hint of millennial pink for an on-trend look? Available in a range of statement tones, from subtle pastels to dark dramatic hues, there’s an option to suit all interior schemes.


Peppermint Cream


Ice Grey


Fossil Grey

Explore the range here!

Our Top 10 Favourite Things About Autumn

1. Leaves! As the trees turn from green to gorgeous tones or red and burnt orange, we‘re really get that autumn feeling!


2. Hot drinks… think tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine! After a summer spent sipping nothing but Aperol Spritz it’s nice to be able to curl up with a mug of something warm.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 16.40.31

3. Talking of something warm… as the temperature drops, it’s time to begin lighting fires again!


4. Bonfire night! Sparklers, fireworks and toffee apples, autumn would not be autumn without bonfire night!


5. Wellies! Now that we’ve well and truly packed our sandals away for the winter, it’s time to start embracing our wellies again.

2 2

6. Comfort food! From shepherd’s pie to beef wellington, autumn is a time when you can hibernate and enjoy feasting on warming dishes!

7. Blankets! Finally, the return of the blanket! Gone are the nights of sleeping on top of the duvet, and finding the cool side of the pillow. Now, we can rejoice in the fact that blankets are back to keep us toasty warm.


8. The great outdoors… full of russet red leaves, dog in tow and ripe autumn berries! What’s better than an autumnal day in the countryside?!


9. For us, another event we look forward to this season is Halloween. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating, no matter whether you’re young or old, Halloween can be enjoyed by all.


10. Countdown to Christmas! As the shops begin to unveil their Christmas goodies, we can’t help but get a little bit excited at the thought of the imminent festive season!


Image Credits:

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Heritage Hues: Go for green in the bathroom

As summer draws to a close, we’re preparing ourselves for the winter weather, embracing rich, dark tones to add a cosy element to our homes. Scroll down to get inspired with this new colour palette…



Symbolic of new beginnings, nature and revival, 2017 has been a green year! Re-introduced into interiors by Pantone naming ‘Greenery’ their Colour of the Year, our love of all things green has continued to grow, and as the winter begins we’re embracing this shade in a darker hue.

Whilst most of us are slightly apprehensive at the thought of painting a whole room this dark shade, why not experiment with this olive green in a smaller space, such as the bathroom?

Combine with sleek ceramicware, gold mirrors and some white fluffy towels to create a luxurious bathroom space. And not to forget your flooring! Our Neisha Crosland range of vinyl floor tiles are perfect for adding a sophisticated edge to the space, whilst also being incredibly durable!

Credits: Harvey Maria, Benjamin Moore, Clearwater, The White Company, Jamb, Neptune.

Think Mediterranean…

As suitcases are pulled from storage, our sandals dusted off and miniature shampoos fill our shopping baskets, it’s time for the yearly summer holiday where we jet off to sunnier climes.

But if, like us, you can only dream of white sand and turquoise water, why not take this dreary British weather as an opportunity to stay indoors and give your home a much-needed injection of sun?

Keep reading for three simple ways to add a Mediterranean vibe to your home…

Sunflowers! We’d all love to be running through a field covered in sunflowers, sun streaming down on us, but if that’s not an option, why not buy a beautiful bunch for your kitchen!

-For many of us, summer means linen, and lots of it! We’re talking linen dresses, tablecloths, bedding… Adding a white linen tablecloth to your kitchen is a surefire way to inject a hint of the Mediterranean! LinenMe has some great ones!

-Fresh new flooring! Create your own azure vibe with our beautiful collection of blue hue tiles! For flooring that mirrors those days when there’s not a cloud in the sky, try Mountbatten. Or for an understated touch, our Dee Hardwicke vinyl tile in Cornflower Blue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 09.10.07

There you have it! All you need to inject a little touch of the Mediterranean into your home this summer!

Old Fashioned Susie’s Hallway Reveal!

Last month the wonderfully eclectic Old Fashioned Susie unveiled her new hallway on her blog, complete with our Neisha Crosland Check vinyl floor tiles, and doesn’t it look fab! Read on to find out what she had to say about our gorgeous floor tiles…


“I can’t believe this is our floor. It has the timeless looks of the Victorian chequerboard floors, but with the modern durability of Harvey Maria’s luxury vinyl tiles. … It’s so bold, but it really makes this small space become somewhere; a destination, not just a thoroughfare.”


“The toughness of the tiles was actually tested recently when a tradesman dropped one of his tools on the floor, he panicked, but there were no marks or any damage of any kind!”


Stylish? Tick. Durable? Tick. The Neisha Crosland Check collection really does offer you the best of both worlds. With its classic design and hardwearing nature, why not pop over to our website and order your free sample?

Sensationally Stylish!

This month we’re drawing inspiration from Lussmann’s restaurant in Tring, whose interior has been styled to perfection with sunshine yellow blinds, hints of teal and finished off with our beautiful Neisha Crosland Parquet flooring.


To create the look in your own kitchen, add a bold statement with bright yellow textiles for a hint of sunshine, contrasted with a muted floor colour. Our Neisha Crosland Parquet vinyl floor tiles are perfect, seen here in Eggshell.


Add an industrial edge to your kitchen with some funky cutlery. We’re loving this matt black cutlery from Feather and Marble! A hint of teal or electric blue will keep your kitchen looking fresh; these beautiful teak dining chairs from The Curious Orange Store are perfect for adding a contemporary feel to your kitchen. And there you go, your very own sensationally stylish kitchen!

Credits: The Curious Orange Store, Jonathan Adler, Feather and Marble, Harvey Maria, Paul Winch-Furness.